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Booking a Makeup Artist on your wedding day?
….Here’s what you need to know!

By: Professional Makeup Artist, Cameron B. Carson, LLC



All Eyes on You

Literally….from the trial to walking down the aisle, the eyes are on you, girlfriend! Not just by your friends and
family on your big day, but your makeup artist! As a professional makeup artist, it’s our JOB to be educated enough to know how to take the products we have in our kits and customize them to your skin type, skin tone and wedding day vision for your makeup!

“After sitting in your chair the first time, I was amazed at what you were able to produce out of skin you don’t see every day. This made my decision so easy and care free!”
– Kristen Bashaw, 2018 bride of Cameron B. Carson, LLC

A bridal trial is the perfect time to have an open line of communication with your chosen artist about your likes
and dislikes in regards to makeup. Don’t be afraid to speak up and chat with your artist. Trust her expertise, but help her see what you want to see.

Time is….  EVERYTHING!

Think you have a lot of time before your big day?…… think again! It may be a year (or more!) before you walk
down that aisle, but that doesn’t mean your artist isn’t already pre-planning HER year ahead. I always say….”don’t wait or you’ll lose your date!”. This couldn’t be more true. If you find an artist that you love and matches your personal style, BOOK HER…. before you’re out of time! Speaking of time…it’s so imperative you find an artist who not only GIVES you her time and makes you a priority, but also is RESPECTFUL of that time, not only prior to your wedding day, but ON IT.

“She created a timeline after my trial (which was also so great) and she stuck to it without rushing or overlooking any tiny detail.”
– Mae De Bruin, 2016 bride of Cameron B. Carson, LLC

At your trial, work with your artist to finalize details on how long the makeup applications will take, if you are (or aren’t) doing a first look or photos prior to the ceremony…AND share with her when hair will be starting, so the two teams aren’t overlapping or pushing their respective timelines behind.

SMOKIN’ HOT, girlfriend!

Picture this…it’s the dead of July and already a smoking-hot 98 degrees outside (…I feel a song coming on… haha!) You’re already a girl who sweats AND you have oily skin. Now what?! Waterproof, smudge proof, transfer proof; we’re ready! We have already tested over and over again what works and what doesn’t when it comes to longevity of makeup through ALL the seasons, for all skin types!

“My face looked exactly as beautiful the first minute as it did the last! Even through a sweltering August outdoor wedding, I was a perfectly painted bridesmaid!”
– Amanda Good, 2017 bridesmaid of Cameron B. Carson, LLC

Not only for you, but for your bridal party also…take confidence in the artist you’ve chosen and save yourself a
wedding-day makeup meltdown. You may FEEL hot, but we want your makeup to keep you LOOKING that way! Ow, ow!


Ok, so you’ve done the math and maybe a makeup artist on your big day doesn’t fit your bridal budget. In fact, the * shows the 2017 National Average Spend on wedding day hair/makeup is $966…(Which for RVA, seems quite low!) But either way, don’t get yourself in a RUT! Cameron B. Carson, LLC specializes in “GLAM SCHOOL” or a 1-on-1 teaching session where you learn the ins and outs of creating a long-lasting, glowing bridal makeup look that you can recreate on your big day!

“….Doing my own makeup is outside my comfort zone…but Cameron’s expert help and advice (and sense of humor) during my Glam School session with her put me at ease as she took me through step by step how to do everyday makeup that suits my needs. AND how to change it for a formal event. Cameron truly knows her craft and tailors her sessions to YOUR needs.”
– Erika Tabor, 2018 GLAM SCHOOL client of Cameron B. Carson, LLC


Ready to get GLAM? Cameron Carson, owner of Cameron B. Carson, LLC is a Richmond, VA based Professional Makeup Artist, but is excited to travel ANYWHERE. With a passion for making women their MOST beautiful, she strives to be FUN and still professional! Cameron’s services are for ALL OCCASIONS… specializing in airbrush, as well as traditional makeup applications, individual lash application and 1-on-1 or group teaching lessons (aka: GLAM SCHOOL)!




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